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Permanent Cosmetics Treatments

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Permanent make-up is the fastest growing facial must have that is taking the aesthetics world by storm. Having the luxury to “wake up with make-up” is not only beneficial for time saving but for many other reasons too;

  • Having expertly applied makeup EVERYDAY
  • Not worrying over smudging or running make-up
  • Creating better symmytry to the face
  • Enhancing your featureas or adding back enhancement to what has gone from over the years
  • Performing physical persuits such as the gym and taking part in your favourite classes with confidence.
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Brows are by far the most important feature for framing and shaping the face. The correct brow shape can knock years off you and add important symmetry to the face. The generation of over plucking has left many of us with sparse and untamed brows. The natural hairstroke brow adds back definaition in a beautifully subtle way.

Hairstroke Brow - Most popular request, a natural 3 dimensional looking brow that imitates hairgrowth.

Combination Brow - For added definition a combination of hairstrokes and light shading for a more made up look and those that are used to wearing pencil.

Powder Brow - A stronger, bolder look with either soft shading or a strong powder look. Especially good for those that are used to the HD Brow look or have darker skin tones.

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Permanent eye make-up treatments are the ultimate "wake up with make up" must have. Not only a huge time saver for those that already apply it daily, but also a great saviour to those who cant see to apply it or have jobs that would mean it would be impractical to wear eye make up daily. If you are a gym goer or a frequent traveller this will be your must have treatment.

Lash Enhancement - A very subtle, no make up look that just puts colour through your lashes to add definition and enhancement. Great for a top and bottom duo and a great starting point for eye tretments.

Baby Eyeliner - A beautiful top eyeliner, that neatly outlines your eye. Designed to create an almond shape look, the ultimate wake up with make up look.

Latino Flick - From a strong, bold flick to a more subtle flick we can decide what works with your eyes best.

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The lip treatments can create a huge transformation for those who have very thin or uneven lip lines. A subtle lip blush can work wonders on adding precision, shape and asymmetry to a thin lip giving the illusion of fuller lips. If you want added colour a full lip colour can give either a natural effect or a lipstick look.

Lip Blush - A subtle graduation of colour from a defined lip line into the lips. Great for those wanting to regain a lost lip line or a stronger shape.

Lip Colour - A full lip colour adding back viabrancy to your lips. Brilliant for those wanting to gloss and go

LIP Contour and re-defining (price on application) If you have extremely thin lips or aysymentry and are looking for a correction then we can help bring this back.

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